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Cheapest place for 2008 Nobby Nics?

BigheadBighead Posts: 260
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Hi. I am after some Schwalbe Nobby Nics (2008 version). Does anybody know the cheapest place to buy them. A little while ago I seem to remember that there were significant discounts to be had in online German shops but I cannot seem to find that thread now. Thanks.


  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    What's the difference between 2008 versions and earlier ones?
  • BigheadBighead Posts: 260
    I prefer the writing on the sidewall on the 2008 ones. I am not sure about any difference to the tread
  • BigheadBighead Posts: 260
    thanks for that link. I kept on trying and it just kept comingup with an under construction page. I don't know why I thought it had a '-' in the address
  • shivadreadshivadread Posts: 110
    Try this site just ordered a pair and took 5 days to come down, you can get different types, Tubeless, snakebite and double defense.

    double defense seem to be the better option less likely to get punctures.
  • BigheadBighead Posts: 260
    What size did you order? I am after some 2.1 non-tubeless type. I have noticed some websites are showing low stock on these. When the invoice came was it in German?

    Bike24 and Action Sports were the two websites I was looking for, I just couldn't remember the names as I hadn't visited them in a while. Bike24 has the edge at the moment.
  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    Just did the Bike 24 euro to pound conversion,and it works out at £54.96 delivered.
    Last time I was in Evans at Spitalfields I remember seeing the newer version on offer for £25.Might be worth a look on their website,to see if they still have the offer.If you want to use a UK based company, have 2 for £60.

    I managed to buy Nobby Nics for £50 the pair in cycle surgery about a year back and then I picked up a Racing Ralph for £25 on ebay.

    Excellent tyres but there`s no way I would pay full list price for them.
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  • BigheadBighead Posts: 260
    Hi thanks for the information. I was unsure if Bike Plus were selling the 2008 model or not, although the price is good for a uk shop. Evans Cycles have the older Racing Ralphs in 2.1 for £25 which is good value. A few moments ago I ordered the tyres from Bike24. I will let you know when I receive them.

    Thanks again
  • I'd use Actionsports and get a few mates to buy stuff from them at the same time, so you can split the high delivery costs.
  • BigheadBighead Posts: 260
    Tyres arrived yesterday. This means they took three days to arrive. They cost £55.22. I am quite happy with the service. They tyres are new and in the proper boxes.
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