decent 26x1 1/4" tyres

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where can I get traditional 26 1/14" tyres ,do Michelin still do the world tour in this size?
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    Depends on your tradition, there are technically 2 types of 26" tyre. Your MTB jobbie which in etro speak is 558 diameter. Schwalbe do their delta cruiser tyres in 26" and they turn up as 650s. Since the introduction of the mountain bike 26" has meant the 558 tyre and 650s are sold as 650s for on the whole TT and triathletes.
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  • no the old British 26 x1/4" the one thats about an inch smaller than the 27x1/4"
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    I've got a pair fitted to the Baines Eccolite, but haven't used them on the road yet. Quite heavy but with a narrow cut so they look good. SJS had 597's listed a couple of months back but now appear to be out of stock; I suspect these were the same brand as TOBC are stocking.

    Many US websites list 1 1/4 as interchangable with 1 3/8 roadster tyres. These sizes have different erto designations and look quite different in terms of profile so I'm not sure why they are doing this.
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    26x1 3/8" 590 erto

    26x1 1/4" 597 erto

    As said these are not interchangeable.

    Lets see some pics of the Eccolite Gavin :D
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    MTB tyres are 559
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    Have you tried Kays cycle shop in Stavely near you . Its on the LHS as you go down the steep hill >{Near Morrisons} Its something of a time warp . The Lady who runs it will tell you no , then she will go and have a look . Last time I went she even found a pair of very old Cambridge tyres about 50/60 + years old!!!!! J E James also stock odd sizes { Not on display .My last pair of 26 x 13/8 was purchased from them.
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    Might be the answer here:
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    NervexProf wrote:
    Might be the answer here:

    I got all excited about that as I like Panaracer. So I mailed them and this was Panaracers reply:
    This size is not made by any manufacturer anymore. 597 has gone the way of the dinosaurs. All current sizing is The nearest size is 35-590(26X1 three eights)
    Outer diameter is almost same as 32-597 but you should confirm the height of brake arch and clearance.

    So it could still work, but it's risky.