suggest a hybrid for the ol boy

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My dads looking at buying a hybrid, mainly for road use, wont be used every day so not really needing anything fancy, looking to spend a max of £500. Any suggestions.
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  • Ridgeback have a good range, which have a more upright style, good for thos of us with older bones...
  • Mrs Attrick has a Ridgeback Velocity which she loves. Looks the part too. ... _bike=TRUE
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    My wife has a Marin San Anselmo on which she's ridden 20,000 miles in the 4 years she's had it. She loves it (obviously) and I don't think she'd mind if I told you she's still under 70 but not by many years :)

    IIRC it was about £700 including a few extras we bought at the same time (mudguards, pannier rack etc) but I can't be sure.

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    Just bought my old man a Focus Raven Rookie MTB for his 76th birthday.

    I don't know your father's age, but mine felt that a bit of comfort on the old hands and arms was more important than speed at his age and for the mileage it will be doing.

    Anyway, it's a cracking little bike and incredible value for money. I would definitely recommend the brand based on that experience.
  • well my dads not really old he's 55 in april and has had surgery on his lower back a few years ago so something thats quite up right i imagine would be better suited.
    felix's bike

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