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Ok, so I have my road bike at last, and I was just scanning the shops and spotted some wing bars some thing like these.
Apart from the obvious comfort issues, as I tend to use the flat part of the bar at the top, what other improvements doe these have over normal bars, and where does the tape go to, as when I look at these-
it looks like tape would fill the indents...



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    I had ITM Luxe Wing bars on my Bianchi and the tape stopped at the bend above the levers. I didn't find them comfortable at all, now swapped out for round FSA bars - which reminds me I must put the wing bars in readers ads!
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    I've got Cinelli Vai wing shaped bars, and the tape goes all the way to the end.

    Taken from a previous post:

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    I have cinelli ram bars and I have not got tape along the wings. I have done over a hundred miles rides like this and did not find it uncomfortable. Some bars like the ones above dont need tape(and when they look good you want to show them off).

    I have wing shaped bars on my other bike and find them much more comfortable than standard round shaped bars - especially on big climbs. I suppose its what your feel comfortable with
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    I've got those FSA k-wing bars. I didn't pay £139 for them though! I got them second hand for £50. Like Redd, I taped all the way to where the cables come out as I preferred the look and feel of it. They are a pain to thread the cables by the way. The flat bits are nice though. Certainly noticeably more comfortable. Look on Roadbikereview though as not everyone likes the shape. Personal preference though.
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    My bars also have the indents, the bars have built in cable guides so you can tape them just past the hoods......... 8)

  • I am a fan of the K-Wings.




    Very comfortable, but the slight setback angle does irritate my ulnar nerve and I get numb hands after 4 or 5 hours....

    Tape on the drops only. The tops are fine and look cool as you like with no tape!
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    You might want to have a look at the classifieds, wing bar fans. Not mine btw.