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Well hello all....

I used to only mountain bike but with a focus on getting fit and doing a daily cycle commute to work I am looking to get a road bike for the first time.

I find the only way for me to build fitness properly is road. I still like my xc but its just a bit of fun occasionally and I feel that my 01 kona which is starting to creak a bit is silly when probably 90% of the cycling I do is on roads.

Doing it all on a very light mountin bike I still feel I am missing out and want to get a road bike badly especially as I am signing up to do two bike charity rides this summer. I want to really enjoy going out for 3 hours plus at the weekend and building the fitness.

I have been looking and really like the idea of the Giant SCR range as a good stepping stone.

I am someone who usually spends a little more to get good quality without breaking the bank. I was looking at the scr 2 but I am wondering for the fact I won't be joining a cycle club in the near future whether or not the scr 3 or even cheaper models would probably be as good a bet for me. Obviously you get more and better components when you spend more but I also don't need overkill. I do want something that won't frustrate me like the mountain bike currently is by having noticable flaws simply because I want to get out and do long rides and work on developing my fitness.

I am a tall guy well built as I am no longer fat but not light as I have developed some great muscle tone over the last six months.; I would probably need a large frame my mountain bike is a 21. Do people think for my needs an scr 3 or even 4 would be probably a decent option for me (or any others in those price ranges) or should I simply stick to the scr 2?


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    SCR2 will be fine.

    I bought a road bike last year because I was fed up of spending most of my time on the road on my MTB.

    I ended up with a 2007 Specialized Allez Sport

    There are a good range of sizes and the Allez or Allez Sport will suit your needs, in my opinion.

    I looked at a Giant, but didn't like the retailer, he was trying to sell stuff I don't need and his servicing on my MTB was suspect.

    Went to my other local shop, tried him out by getting work on the MTB done (very well) and bought the Spez from him

    At a good price too.

    You need to have a good look before deciding.

    You won't regret having both types of bike, I'm enjoying both types of cycling even more because I have bikes that are designed for it.

    Good luck and enjoy!

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