Saddle sore

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I think I have one :oops:

Pea size lump in the obvious place ...

Q1) whats the best course of action?

Q2) What is the best prevention; do people use Chamois creams, if so which one?


  • Could possibly be your insert on your shorts/bibs. I get it when using my endura bib tights (over a year old now though) but when using some new bib shorts where the insert is still pretty stiff theres no problem at all.
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    Q1) whats the best course of action?
    Q2) What is the best prevention; do people use Chamois creams, if so which one?

    1) If it's a spot/boil with puss in best thing is to pierce with a sterilised pin and let the puss out then coat with Germolene "Second Skin" or similar - WARNING this stings like hell! At least you can then carry on riding in relative comfort.
    If it's a hard lump like a cyst, probably best to leave it to go down in it's own time. You can experiment with sticking a corn plaster over it so there's less pressure on the spot when you are in the saddle.

    2) Most saddle sores are caused by infected or ingrowing hairs in my case. Good short hygiene (wash them after every ride and try to avoid sitting around in sweaty shorts for too long). Sudocrem smothered on the chamois pad is a cheaper alternative to Assos Chamois cream (but you don't get the "Assos tingle" :shock: ).
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    I went to the doctor; he said it's not infected and I could just ignor it or make another appointment & they'd cut it out. Probably in ingrowing hair he said.

    He said just get back on the bike & keep riding which I have and it causes no pain.

    I have opted for another apointment to remove it ...

    I did ask him if he could just lance it "on the spot" and he advised against that.

    I have brought a tub of the Assos stuff ...
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    I've just had the worst saddle sore ever...I've had 2 in the last 3 months and it was down to my Cycling shorts I used for the Turbo Trainer thru the winter, the stitching had come away on the chamois and the irritaion caused me the sores...but I had no choice but to squeeze the thing and without trying to put anyone of there food the puss and blood that came out was was so sore...I reckon it would have taken a month for my body to take care of it naturally...sometimes its back to basics thats the best way forward...after the 'squeeze' I smothered the area in Sudocream...

    2nd the advice about Sudocream...its cream 'gold', I remember I never took the stuff to a Pyrenean Holiday...and with the heat and the climbs all my nether areas broke out, and it near wasted my holiday...the Year before in the Alpes I had my Sudocream and the year after I had it again for my Ventoux problem at all....long live Sudocream!