Ok, so A real question now!

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Ok so I am fitting new gear on my bike tomorrow (new STI levers), and I dont want to run into the same problem I did last time I was sorting my bike.

Front gears had gone, so I have adjusted the 2 screws to force chain into top gear.

I have to reset these tomorrow, but I dont really know what each screw does... can anyone shed some light on this for me so that I dont run into difficulty?



  • One or two of the clips on here might help:
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    those limit screws are there to stop the chain being thrown off in either direction by limiting the movement of the deraileur. Screwing them in stops the deraileur moving too far. Often one is marked low / L and the other high / H
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    thanks for the info, Im off bed now but ill look into it tomorrow. Didn't seem to be acting that way last time I checked, but maybe the cables were a bit old and getting stuck?

    Either way I got new cables with these new levers so that'll cut out the possibility!