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DMR V8 lock nut problem

thedarkangelthedarkangel Posts: 164
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Hi all
Ive replaced the bearings in my v8s but I cant tighten the lock nut without doing up the cone/race as well. Ive tried the screwdriver down the side of the socket but its not working very well.
Ive seen the shimano tools for doing the same job on their spds.... I just wondered if anyone else used them (it mentioned a shimano tool in the MBUK guide - april 2005) or whether Im just giving up too easily, or my socket/screwdriver are too big.
Any tips/tricks to it?



  • Well i couldn't get a screw driver down the side so what i did was do the cone up hand tight then undone it a quarter turn then when i came to do the lock nut up it nipped the cone up enough. This method was a bit of trial and error though.

    The guide on DMR's site mentions a special bit for doing the cone but it never mentioned what the bit was called or where to get it although looking at the guide i think they just mean a socket to undo the cone rather than a pair of long noise pliers. I don't know but i don't think the shimano tool will fit the DMR's, I'm surprised DMR don't make a special tool like the shimano.
  • ThreeFishThreeFish Posts: 16
    You should be able to hold the nut in place just fine with a screwdriver. Check this page out...

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  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,920
    I had a similar issue when I replaced the bearings on my red DX SPDs, from memory I did as above ie tightened up, backed off a little and then done the lock nut up. I was always paranoid about the locknut coming undone but it hasn't done so yet but reassembling the pedal and the pop-up mechanism was a nightmare and wasn't right after I reassembled but it worked.
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