Giant SCR teething problems

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I've read on a few post about these...
What exactly are these teething problems? anything easy and cheap to resolve?



  • Only problem I have had was a badly dished (I think that was the term they used) Wheel.
    Other than that and the Fat Bloke trying to pedal it,no problems.
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    Quite a few miles on mine, and it's been fine, no problems.
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    My Fleabay bargain SCR C4 was good to go once I turned the bars and stuck some pedals on, only done around 200 miles so far and not a hint of any trouble :D:D

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    Only problems I've had with my SCR 3.0 are a couple of punctures which can't be put down to the bike really!

    Has ben used for commuting about 100 miles a week since Xmas in all weather and it's been greart! Think I might need to adjust the gear's again soon as I think the cable is bedding in now but it's not noticeable or skipping yet! I did change the brake blocks today as the factory fit ones had worn down a lot at the rear. Replaced both sets with some Koolstop Salmons and took it for a quick ride to town today. Braking is back to what it used to be now!
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    I bought a Giant SCR 2 before Christmas and, although I haven't put many miles on it yet, I read every SCR-related thread on here and the old C+ forum before it was transferred.

    A very small number of people have had issues with the wheels going out of true or spoke breakage, but that's all. Compared to the huge numbers they must sell it's pretty insignificant. A few reports of creaking seat posts, but replies suggested that just requires packing with grease or electrical tape.

    If I have a problem I'm confident the shop I bought mine from will sort it out for me.

    I picked up a copy of C+ from May 07, the SCR 3 compared well with the competition.
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  • Hi - I was one of the people who said about teething problems with my SCR2. I've had it a couple of months now, and the two things have been:
    - grit/water getting into the bottom bracket. Apparently all big brands tend to skimp on their bottom brackets for entry level bikes - it's not the kind of thing that gets checked up on when you're buying, is it? Anyway, mine was creaking away after a week or so, but no probs getting it replaced.
    - spokes breaking on the back wheel. I do tend to overload it with a heavy pannier, so I'm partly to blame on this, but still...three spokes in the last couple of weeks. I might just invest in better wheels.
    Otherwise (and despite these) I've been happy with it. I was riding a 25 yr old Dawes before I got the SCR, and the way bike technology has come on in that time is amazing. For the price, I don't think you can do better.
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    Had the SCR 2 since last march and had the creaky seatpost which has been permanently fixed with a copious amount of lube and loads of punctures on the stock tyres before I changed them for some Michelin Krylions. Changed the wheels after about 6 months but the stock ones were still perfectly usable, the rear has been resurrected for turbo trainer duty. Also recently changed the brake blocks which was long overdue as the old ones had disintegrated.

    Apart from that and the scratches from where I crashed it, it's in pretty good nick.