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24" suspension forks?

HamkinsHamkins Posts: 233
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Hey there guys.

I bought a DMR Rhythm complete last year after my old setup got nicked.

Comes with those shoddy Dirt Jam Comp forks, which top out evne just dropping off curbs...

So I'm just wondering, can anyone recommend me a good sus fork suitable for a 24" bike, for use mainly dirt jumping?



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Dirt Jumpers? Argyles?

    there is only one 24" spec jump fork out there and that is the Dj Street but that will be too short for the frame.
    the only things that makes a fork 24" specific is the V brake mounts and the minimum axel to crown distance.
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  • HamkinsHamkins Posts: 233
    Cool thanks mate.

    So I would be good picking up a pair of DJ3's for instance? With 100mm travel? Cause someone recommended me to only get an 80mm travel fork.

    So I can basically get any fork with 100mm travel? It won't mess up my geometry or anything?

    Anyone got any links to perhaps old threads or articles on decent dirt jumping forks in that case? Got a budget of £200.
  • the marzocchi d-street 24 is alot better than people think (picture dj1 but smaller and lighter) they dont cange geo that much but do make the bike ride more "street" ie like a top o' the range DJ bike witch i dont think is a bad thing
    stephen hall
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