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Advice on rigid or lockout forks

mr_chambomr_chambo Posts: 43
edited February 2008 in MTB buying advice
I'm looking for advice on buying some rigid or lockout forks from the bargain end of the price spectrum. There just for commuting as mine are so saggy its unbelievable (unbranded). Any advice is useful.


  • You won't gor far wrong with a Tora 302. Cheap as you like and more than good enough for XC/trail use.

    You should be able to pick them up online for about £110, then about £15-20 for fitting, or go to your LBS and they may well provide free fitting if you buy the fork from them.
  • dav1dav1 Posts: 1,298
    could try a dart2 with lockout, not expencive at all.

    If its just commuting the toras would be overkill IMO unless you are heding down a nice techy XC trail on the way :lol:
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  • If they're going to be locked out the whole time, why carry the extra weight? For a similar price to teh Darts, you can get a rigid fork that is well over a kilo lighter! Of course, if you think that you might want to use the suspension...

  • aphex2kaphex2k Posts: 3,229
    just for commuting?

    get some on-one rigid forks. or if money is tight, some kona p2 triple butted forks off ebay. less than £20.
    Mark :)
  • Thanks for that, I think that your right, I'll mainly be doing commuting / town riding. I currently ride a 26" Montague folder

    But the suspension forks are past it, so the lightweight rigids are probably the way forward
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