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La Manga in Spain

VerwoodAshVerwoodAsh Posts: 196
I'm off out for a family holiday during the last week in May and I'm debating taking my road bike out with me.

I've searched & searched but can't find any rotues using the place as a base - can anyone help and what is it like to cycle from?

I've heard you can also hire bikes from there too, but it is more catered for mountain biking.

Many thanks


  • Fat HeadFat Head Posts: 765
    hola senor, being in the bottom right hand corner of spain there isnt a huge expanse of roads heading out from la manga itself although pottering around in the adjacent hills of portman would be good but you would need to do a fair bit of thinking to string these into a longish loop...if you can travel there is great riding to be had in the sierra espuna which is maybe about 40 minutes drive....alhama de murcia, pliego, etc are towns to look out for....there is a great climb going over the centre of the espuna which is worth taking...just dont keep climbing up passed the no entry sign or you will be harrased with machine gun totting members of the spanish military establishment.....take yer road bike providing you will get a few days permission to get out....otherwise its the beach for you every day my son....enjoy regardless
  • I was a little further north than La Manga a few weeks ago. After some excellent advice from this site I had a drive out to the Sierra Espuna and did the climb through the park!
    Absolutely awesome, best tackled from the north east side. I lost count of the hairpins. Perfect tarmac too on the hill.
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