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to 1.8 or not to 1.8

john74john74 Posts: 254
edited February 2008 in XC and Enduro
ive just got hold of a new set of panaracer xc pro 1.8 tyres and im toying with the idea of putting them on my bike and replacing the scott ones i got with the bike 2.1s. what do you reckon or has anyone used these before.
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  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    Yeah, I used to use them all the time a few years ago.

    They're alright, nice and quick, good on dry hardpack especially.

    Might be good in the mud, can't remember - but I know 2.1 XC Pros clog-up badly, so maybe not.

    You won't know until you try though.
  • Skinny tyres are old skool and best left in the shed IMO. Even racers are using wider tyres as they absorb the bumps better and actually roll faster than skinny ones.
  • ashleymp777ashleymp777 Posts: 1,212
    Ooo, way to narrow! 2.1"s are about as narrow as I'd go!
  • Just echoing what Chaka Ping said really - 1.8's aren't any better in the mud than the 2.1's but are a nice fast rolling dry-ish all rounders.

    Had them on a previous hardtail.
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  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010
    Agree with all of the comments above - far too skinny. I have started using 2.2s which I find better in most conditions.
  • I always use 1.8's through the dry months, unless i know im gonna be doing alot of cycling up loose hills/trails where you get alot of wheel spin. But always use 2.1's in the Winter months when its wet and need more grip
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