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Avid Juicy 3 slippery disc nightmare!

wadsworthsimonwadsworthsimon Posts: 3
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Hi, I cleaned my bike on sunday for the first time in ages and when I was done I liberally sprayed my chain, cassette etc with GT85 to drive out the moisture before putting some good lube on.

So, I just got some new Avid Juicy 3's and smuggly let the GT85 dribble on the rims braking surface as I know longer needed any friction there.... oh dear. In my willy nilly spraying I had covered the rear disc in GT85 and rendered it relatively useless does anyone know how I can bring it back to it's former glory? I went on a ride this eve and it sreeched wildly and didn't slow me down much not cool at all.

Hope someone can help!



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    clean the disc with isopropanol alcohol and replace the pads.
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  • S_J_PS_J_P Posts: 908
    IPA's the cheapest route, or there are brake cleaners out there too which purport to rejuvenate the pads too. I've used Muc Off Disc Brake Cleaner to good effect a few times, it may be worth a go before resorting to new pads!

    I always use a piece of clean rag wrapped around the brake discs whenever I'm spraying anything vaguely oily around. It's a quick and effective method of keeping the brakes free of contamination.
  • Cheers for the tips, good call on the rag mate I'll try and remember that in the future.

    I think I'll go for some muc off brake cleaner and see if that works.
  • Most car accessory shops sell aerosol cans of brake cleaner for about 2 or 3 quid - spot on for shifting grease etc. from brakes and anything else metallic. :)
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  • I have also heard (though never tried) that baking your pads in the oven on 220 for about 20 mns can help eradicate any contaminants from them. (just not when your wife / mum is around)
  • I saw an advert in one of the bike mags selling stuff that claimed to rejuvenate and rehydrate brakes. Were they taking the piss :D
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  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Guilty of lubibg my disc but got around it with Disc cleaner from the motorbike shop and took a file to the pads. Took a few stops fro the pads to be back to their best.
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