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Diadora road shoes

GuyzieGuyzie Posts: 79
edited February 2008 in Road beginners
Hi guys,
Anyone got any experience of Diadora road shoes, specifically interested in fit width wise?

Considering getting a pair, but not if they are as narrow as Sidi's:-)



  • Smokin JoeSmokin Joe Posts: 5,669
    I have a pair. I also need a wide fit and they suit me, nice and comfortable and well made.
  • I have a pair of diadora carbons and they're well comfortable.
  • GuyzieGuyzie Posts: 79
    Thanks guys,
    Just missed out on a pair on fleabay last night.... yes I know, bit risky getting shoes online.
    Will see if I can find a pair at the LBS's.
  • chain reaction has got a few diadora pairs in the sale. i got some and they are a nice sturdy shoe
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