Tchibo clothing

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I see that Tchibo have some cycling deals coming in next week. I bought cycling tops and shorts from them a couple of years ago and would recommend them to anyone looking for something cheap and cheerful.


  • Bought the cycling computer from them last time round, lasted a good year before going wrong and because of the 3 year warranty they refunded me, excellent service.
  • I bought a really nice winter running jacket from them last year for about £10 thinking it might disentergate in a few weeks but it has been excellent and it's well made.
  • knedlicky
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    I'd rate Tchibo's thermal vests as the best I've got and just right for the underlayer when cycling in unpredictable Spring temperatures.
  • term1te
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    Thanks for the tip, I got a pair of shorts last night, quite impressed for the money.

    Shall we call you Toptiptim from now on?