what road bike for £500?

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Hi guys!

just a quick post to have an idea of my possibilities.

I have £500 to "invest" in a road bike that I will you use to commute about 20-30 miles a day.



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    Specialized Allez

    Giving it Large
  • Hi - I've just posted an answer to a similar question elsewhere - I hope the cut and pasted answer below is some help as a starting point? I've got a Giant SCR2 which is about the price you're looking for, and it's been great - a couple of teething probs, but goes really well - and takes mudguards/rack (mentioned below).

    All the best

    '... if you spend any amount of time on this forum you'll see that the entry level bikes that tend to get recommended again and again are:
    - Giant SCR series
    - Specialized Allez series
    - Focus Variado/Cayo

    Things to look out for:
    - Frame: quality (of material and paint job) and riding position: do you want to be more relaxed (upright) or more 'sporty' (nose to the handlebars)
    - Quality of the components, esp groupsets (have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groupset for a 'hierarchy of quality' for Shimano and Campag).
    - Weight of the bike: easy to get hung up on, but worth bear it in mind.
    - if commuting or winter training, does it have the braze ons (fittings) for mudguards and rack?

    I'm sure there's plenty more, but hope that's a useful start.'