groupset replacement - some questions...

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I recently got this bike second hand from ebay, mainly to use as a commuter/winter hack. It's got some old 7 speed Shimano equipment and similarly old calipers and STIs. I want to be able to get some decent bad weather miles out of it so want to replace its current equipment with a new group - cheap yet durable. I'll obviously get rid of that bar tape too...

Firstly, how easy would it be to do? Would there be any compatibly issues etc?

Secondly, is it worth it? Would something like Tiagra last?

Cheers in advance for the help.


  • If that £1.69 is the price tag for the bike, I'd say you got a bargain!! :lol:
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    If the current stuff works ok, why replace if it's a winter hack bike ?
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    I'd ideally like a few more gears to choose from and the current equipment is a bit clunky...

    But I guess I should probably get as many miles out of it as possible before I start replacing things!
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    Just use the RSX or whatever til it breaks. It probably just needs a tune up; it generally works ok. After that, you should be ok with Tiagra etc..
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    I would just replace the cables, chain (if it is stretched/worn) and the tyres (maybe the brake pads as well)and then ride it.

    save your money for something else, you should get loads of miles out of it as it is

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    See the above for instructions on how to set up the rear mech. If shifting is clunky, there's probably a bit too much slack in the cable.