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funny fitting tyres

Thomas PriorThomas Prior Posts: 74
edited February 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
so, got the new bike and wanted to fit the old tyres.

The bike came fitted with Schwable Nobby Nics, Kevlar bead on the new XT wheels.
The wheels are tubeless but I'm running tubes anyway.
I fitted my old IRC mythos kevlars on the wheels and noticed that the bead doesn't sit perfectly under the rim. I've pumped it up to stone hard psi but when you rotate the wheel and look at the tyre profile it looks like there's a bump in the tyre.

Something isn't right - should I just ride the bike and hope it sorts itself out?
Is there some trick with tubeless rims?
I'm sure that rattling will go away...

Lapierre Zesty 514


  • You will find that some tyres wont fit tubeless rims no matter how much pressure you put in em.

    You should also consider how you cope trailside with a puncture if you do manage to fit em.

    The new wheels/rims-what make are they?

    Riding, wrecking and repairing mtb's for too long!!
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