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GaryGknGaryGkn Posts: 1,199
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I wonder how good they are?

They look stunning and well crafted.

The Luigino has an option to be built as a fixed.

If I had the money I would be tempted.


  • andypandyp Posts: 8,352
    Pegoretti frames are available from Mosquito Bikes in Islington. Dario Pegoretti has an excellent reputation as a builder amongst his peers so one assumes his bikes are very good. He pioneered TIG welding of steel in Italy in the late 80s and early 90s and he used to build a lot of the custom race frames for Pinarello. Miguel Indurain certainly rode one of his frames to a Tour win in the early 90s.

    Back in C+ days a forumite called Laurence (if memory serves) had one. He loved his and would wax lyrical about it at any opportunity.
  • GaryGknGaryGkn Posts: 1,199
    Looked at the fixed frame set £1650 and then the frame would deserve a good group set etc so I suppose £3000 for a finished fixed.
  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    he is one of THE great bike builders (arguably the best in Italy if not Europe) and his frames are highly prized not only for their workmanship but also his artwork. Some of his work was on display at the recent Hand made bike show. Along with Richard Sachs and Sacha White, their bikes are dream purchases - custom, one-of- a kind/lottery bikes. White has a 5 year waiting list for his frames which are over $2000 (that's for the lowest model - you can pay a lot more depending what you want. Yes, i'd have one of each.

    the website is filled with magnificent bikes (gallery)
  • PaulRidePaulRide Posts: 122
    I know a chap who rides a pegoretti. When I first saw it, I thought it looked a bit industrial but on closer inspection it really does look good - the welding is the neatest I've seen, and the beefy tubing is certainly striking. I don't like the decals though - it took me ages to decipher the name. Apparently it's nice to ride. I haven't had a go yet, but I think my legs are too short anyway.
  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,774
    Lovely. That's it really.
    "Cancel my subscription to the resurrection."
  • TomFTomF Posts: 494
    Friend of mine is having one built (a Luiginio). (That reminds me, I must check whether it has arrived). In the UK he will only deal through Mosquito (as his sole agent/distributor) - my friend visited him in Italy, but he wouldn't sell him one directly!

    Be careful not to delay: while DP has recently been building again, he has been rather ill, and so there is a concern that he may not be well enough to work (a concern, I might add, for his health and welfare, rather than the availability of hand-crafted frames).

    As above, he is considered one of the great framebuilders of the age. Read the interview with him in one of the back-issues of Rouleur.
  • GaryGknGaryGkn Posts: 1,199
    I would love to have one of his frames now that I have done some research. The people that rave about them certainly know their onions and they look very beautiful.
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