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chain link

beastinlabeastinla Posts: 304
edited February 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
well i posted a thred on hear about my new chain and i though my chain link remover would fit it but it dosent its a wide hafe link chain [img] thanks for any help[/img]


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    and? get the right tool. or a chain that you can use.

    more info needed. what tool do you have now. what is the make and model of the chain.....
    beastinla wrote:
    ok thanks ya i do have a chain tool for it got a motocross one
    so why does it not work?
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  • the chain wont fit in the spaces of the motocross one.

    the other bike tool i got is some cheep thing from my lbs.

    the chain was given to me by a friend and has no make on it

    pics of the chain:

    thanks for the help

    sory dont no how to post pics on the thred

    can someone tell me how!!
  • Dude,the chain in the pictures is more at home on an oil rig IMO.
    What the hell are you planning on doing with/to it?

    Still,if ever a link on the Severn Bridge breaks at least they can tap you for a spare :lol::lol:

    Dot 4 in the eye hurts. Trust me
  • BikedevilBikedevil Posts: 1,156
    As above....dude...that ain't a bicycle chain.

    Your chain:

    Bicycle chain:
    Brought to you by:
    Trix©orp Industries

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  • ya its more of an bmx chain but is fine on my bike and i have seen biger chains then this on a bike
  • Are you running SS?
    Does that even fit through a rear mech if not?

    Sorry,just curious now because that is a creature and a half :shock:

    Dot 4 in the eye hurts. Trust me
  • cjwcjw Posts: 1,889
    What bike you got?
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  • mat-dmat-d Posts: 9
    That looks huge - wouldnt fit round my SRAM X9's!
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