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Sealed bearings in a shimano hub?

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Sorry if this has been posted before but is there a way to put some sealed bearings in a shimano hub? Think i heard of hope stuff being stuck in...

As the rear LX paralax (old) hub on my kona has slightly gone bearings and the wrong axel and spaceing!

Cheers in advance.
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  • if your meaning converting from a cone and cup to a cartridge bearing then effectively yes, you'll need the internal measurement of the area and the external measurement of the axel so get the best bearing for the job etc.(use a micrometer) i know on my hub the cassette side has a small lip on the inside to stop the balls coming out (just serviced mine!) so you would need to remove that (prolly a dremmel type job) but it shouldnt be too hard a job providing you can get the bearings the right size!!??

    have a look here for sizes, ... esstQQtZkm
    (used recently for bearing for my machine polisher!)
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