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front/ rear derailleur compatibility

BoardinBobBoardinBob Posts: 697
edited February 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
My front derailleur and shifter are past their best and CRC have a good deal on some SRAM X.7 kit ... elID=13263 ... delID=7274

The derailleur is listed as 9 speed and the shifter as 8 or 9 but will this cause an problems with my 8 speed rear derailleur/ cassette

I'd imagine a 9 speed front/ 8 speed rear set up would be alright and you'd have problems if it was the other way round.

Am I correct?


  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    9spd front mech's will work with 8 or 9 speed set ups.

    The only difference is the width of the mech cage, 9spd ones are slightly thinner, so you might get a little more rubbing of the chain on a 8 spd set up than a 9spd set up.

    Personally I prefer Shimano front mech's & Sram rear mech's/shifters.

    The shifter in your link: the info is a little misleading, you can't get a 8 / 9 speed shifter, it's one or the other, the one in your link is an 8spd shifter
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