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Hi , Iam interested in the ridgeback flight T1,Iam after a fast commute bike ,suitable for weekend rides and wondered if any body has one and if so what do they think of it.
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    I built a RB T3 up the other week. Really nice feel to it, very sturdy and feels like it would be a nice ride.
    This bottom bracket was a tiagra hollowtech II , but they didnt appear to have put the 2 necessary spacers on with it being a 68mm shell. That was the only thing i thought a bit weird. The chainline was spot on without it, i dont suppose it makes a massive difference.
    Barely weighed anything for a bike of that price. Plus i think I remember the brakes being set up for the UK too, so that the cables dont go at silly angles and make otherwise good brakes less positive.
    The only thing I didnt like about it mechanics wise was that it was a set of Shimano type wheels, which are really fiddly to true as the nipples are on the hubs.
    Solid bikes . Id go for it.