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Dela Vu anyone?

Richrd2205Richrd2205 Posts: 1,267
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Spot the difference!!!!

Just in case cycling fans weren't upset enough at the ongoing issues with doping, the UCI decides to re-run last year's tantrum over Paris-Nice in line with it's vision of ensuring that sponsors & fans are chased away from the sport entirely.

Seriously, there's got to be a better way for the UCI & ASO to sort out their differences without this infantile toys-out-of-prams style of spat every few weeks. & for the UCI to repeat something that achieved precisely nothing beyond bad publicity for the UCI & for cycling generally appears, to me, to be unspeakably stupid....

Maybe we should try, to run concurrently with PTP, UCIP where we try to guess the absurd things that UCI will get up to over the season to discourage anyone from being interested in cycling. Suggestions please!


  • calvjonescalvjones Posts: 3,850
    Article 2(i), paragraph 2438, subsection 14:

    Competitors steeds shall be of fully lugged construction and manufactured only using derivatives of ferrite ores. A minimum weight of 30lb, 12 oz shall apply.

    Strava is not Zen.
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