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Inner Tubes

robbiemagicrobbiemagic Posts: 132
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I was fed up with countless punctures so I changed to a pair of Bontrager Tubes which have the special sealant in them, although I deflated these the other weekend as I was changing my tyres and all the sealant came out the valve. What inner tubes do people reckon are the best? I am a little concious of the weight factor too...
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  • Nokian DH tubes arn't as heavy as you would think, and are pretty damn tough, do therefore hard to puncture.
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  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,920
    All tubes with sealant will 'leak' when deflated. Deflate the tube with the valve at 12 o'clock rather than 6 o'clock.
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  • to be honest the best innertubes is no inner tubes as a move to UST tyres and converted rims is the easiest way to never have to worry about those unreliable blighters ever again.
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