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Centaur cassette on a Chorus chainset. Is it OK?

cyclingfurycyclingfury Posts: 676
edited February 2008 in Workshop
Can someone please confirm that I am correct in thinking that a Centaur cassette is fully compatable with a Chorus chainset, and that a Centaur cassette doesn't have it's own chain but runs with a Chorus 10 speed chain?

Also, has anyone ever experienced any problems with the performance of their transmission because they have fitted a Centaur cassette on a Chorus chainset?

Many thanks.
Titanium Bertoletti


  • Yes . You're O.K. with a Centaur cassette and Chorus chainset and chain . No prob's . :D
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  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    edited February 2008
    How do mean "...cassette on a ... chainset"?

    A 8 speed Sora Cassette would work with a 10 speed Record chainset, so there's no problem at all.
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  • tirnanogtirnanog Posts: 111
    It's worth downloading Campag's parts catalogue from their webstie: you will find very few functional differences between most parts of the groupsets from Veloce upwards.
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  • Many thanks for the useful replies.
    Titanium Bertoletti
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