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P7 Frame Q

guzzijonguzzijon Posts: 37
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I've just got a new P7 Pro and have read various things about weatherproofing the frame- usually involving a squirt of something like waxoyl into nooks and crannies. But I noticed some little holes which are open to the elements on the chainstay ends, near the dropouts, and also on the chainstay brace right in front of the back wheel- right in line to collect any crud flying off the wheel. It seems sensible to block these holes up somehow, either with rubber bungs or a bit of gaffer tape. Is this a sensible thing to do or am I missing something?
Cheers. Jon.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    they are there as part of the welding process to let all the hot gases escape all welded bikes have them.

    If you block them they will also stop any moisture from escaping so "Catch 22"

    WD40 is good as a water displacer and there are treatments that you can use but most add weight.

    spray WD40 in the holes as needed. and do not store it wet in a damp place.
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  • Cheers for that. I called Orange and the guy there thought that it would be fine to put some grommets in the holes with the frame in a completely dry state. I suppose the other option is to stop worrying and leave things alone, and when the frame finally rusts through in 20 or 30 years time... look forward to getting a new one.
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