Claude Butler Stone River

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Im just getting back into mountain biking again, a few years back i bought a Claude Butler Stone River bike, its still in very good condition but the front gear change is rubbish, i have tried to adjust it many times without success so i was thinking of perhaps upgrading the Derailleur's, maybe front and back. Is there anything i should be looking out for as im fairly new to all this? thanks


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    Need more details on what components you have to suggest upgrades ie mech brand, shifters etc.

    Has anyone else tried to adjust it? It could have worn out, or maybe a bad cable. Also do the chainrings run straight, and are these worn (and chain)?
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    I will have to check and get back to you but i believe they are Shimano, although not sure what model. I havent really used it a great deal so i would be surprised if anything was worn but again i will have a look.

    with regards to the adjusting, ive had a go and so has my father inlaw, it wasnt great when i bought it but because i bought it along way from home i just sort of put up with it instead of having all the hassle of taking it back. The main problem with the front Derailleur is that if i adjusted it so it dropped down to the smallest cog it wouldnt then change all the way up to the largest cog or sometimes it would change up and then the chain would rub on it.

    thanks for your help