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Advice on Manchester commute: Chorlton to Wilmslow

alysPalacealysPalace Posts: 3
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I have just got a new job (hooray!) so will be doing a new commute, I am looking for advice on routes between Wilmslow town centre and Chorlton (Barlow Moor road). Anyone have any experience of this journey? Also are there any off road cycle paths to be taken advantage of?

I know that there are a few routes to the airport, but don't know the best way to go from the airport to Wilmslow, or if a different approach might be better.



  • I used to commute Bramhall - Manchester City Centre. Not to fammiliar with Chorlton though. I'd start with a direct route like this.

    Once you find traffic hot spots, bad areas, dangerous roads etc. you can change accordingly. It's not uncommon to lengthen your commute for a better route.

    You could ride it once at the weekend before you start, just to stake it out.
  • Thats pretty much the route I'd do, there is a sneaky hill at point 5 on that map. its steeper going up that it is coming down !! (ie it lets you know your climbing but you dont seem to gab as much speed as you should on the way down.....).

    That'll be a pretty good cycle commute. enjoy
  • Thanks, I tried this route last weekend, it is pleasantly straightforward and I enjoyed the countryside bits.
  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    Styal Road isn't bad - I was working on there last year for a couple of months....
  • I don't know the Wilmslow end that well but do know Chorlton.

    If instead of heading for point 7 on the google map you carry on up Longley Lane and turn left onto Palatine Rd and go under the A5103 there's an off road route (somewhere close by) which takes you up to Chorlton water park and you can go round the lake and join Barlow Moor Road just after point 9. It's all either tarmac or shingle paths - I reckon even a road bike would be able to cope ok - there's a couple of gates to negotiate but it's really surprisingly pleasant if you like nature!

    The fundamental flaw in my advice is that I don't know exactly where you get on at the Wythenshawe end... At the Chorlton end you go down Maitland Ave (close to point 9 on map) and into Chorlton Water Park, Go down to the lake and round the left hand end when you get to the other side you'll see some gates ahead - just follow the signs for cycle route to wythenshawe park.
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