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Can you recommend a good quality comfy saddle ? My gf has a new bike and she really doesn't like the saddle that came with it. She don't need a super light weight xc one just something that don't weigh a ton or look like an arm chair, the one on there is a Bontrager not sure on the model though but it is pretty thin/hard and it's not a womens specific one I don't think, any suggestions please ?




  • SJSJ Posts: 2,871
    Bontrager do make women specific saddles, may be worth giving one a try.
    Other than that Specialized is meant to be the dogs dooh daah's in women specific saddles, unfortunately they have the price tag to go with it.
    Get down to your LBS and see what they recommend, they may be able to let her try a couple too.
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    Spesh do that fitting service dont they?
  • yeah, theres a spesh censored -measurer at my lbs. i think it measures the distance between your seat bones or something.

    i use selle italia.
  • Hi Simon
    You might want to take into account riding style - does she like to sit well forward, or mid-saddle etc. I find Specialized Avatar 143 fine (yes I know it's a men's one),there is enough padding up front to sit forward on the nose if you want to, but equally enough to push back against for climbing. I think you would want good shorts though if you were doing 80 miles or so. Other than that Spesh Jett is pretty good (Avatar is more padded), and WTB Deva got some good reviews in C+ just recently. I think Sheactive have some more writeups. Selle Italia do some well-regarded ones, and Terry also good but pricey. Some girls also like the tri saddles for the padding if they sit forward and like more umm.. gentle support.. at the front. Hopefully your LBS may let you try some. Hope this helps!
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  • I love my WTB speed she comp...

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  • wifi likes spesh but has now gone to the new sdg womens saddle.... ACE... :D
    thinking happy thoughts....before the pixies steal them..
  • the fizik vitesse is great according to the GF
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    I like the WTB ones...
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