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Moving on... to second bike!!!

ljb_homeljb_home Posts: 34
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Hi all,

I've been riding my first bike for 18mnths now and feel it is time to upgrade :)

My first bike is a specialized hardrock (female frame) with rst forks and basic set up (it cost £250).

I'm looking for a bike in the region on £400-£500, I would especially like different forks (any ideas) because rst are s**t!!!!! I also like the specialized make but have also riden a kona bike (dunno what it was, it was a hire), which I liked, and GT.

Any ideas????

cheers x


  • I'm going to sing Merlin cycles praises again, can't be beaten for the money :D
  • Random VinceRandom Vince Posts: 11,374
    is there anything wrong with your current frame?

    if not, then perhaps upgrading the current bike, replacing the forks with marzocchi MX comp's and other bits and then when the time comes, re build the parts onto a new frame

    i'd really reccomend an On-One inbred

    i started out with a hardrock, gradually upgraded it and then swapped the frame for an on one inbred, no regrets at all :)

    this way you pick what parts you have one there, instead of having two bikes, one of which you ride a lot and find you want to upgrade the odd bit here or there.

    unless you were going to use the hardrock as a commuter / getting about bike and the more expencive one for off road rides.
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