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so i got a new bar and stem (spank lounge) and it is not as high as my old kona one.

i dont want to have to cut my forks down and dont want it to be too high.

dose putting spaces on top the stem effect anything in any way

thanks for any help


  • not as far as I know... Having never done it myself, but I do have freinds who have. The only impact is one you might physically make with it were you to go over the bars in the event of a crash, but I wouldn't worry too much about that.
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  • cool i was thinking that it would stop the headset from staying tight would two spacers be ok
  • So long as you have a big enough gap between the top of the last spacer and the top of the steering column (about 2-3mm's) you'll be fine. (there needs to be a slight recess so you can preload the bearings)

    or in otherwords - if the steering column protudes beyond your spacers then you need to add more spacers before you attache the top cap.
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