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Petzl MYO XP - how to fix one to a helmet?

S_J_PS_J_P Posts: 908
edited February 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
I've bought a Petzl MYO XP headlight (as it was on offer locally!), and I'm blown away by it's power with a 3W LED. I did however expect it to be simple to attach to my cycle helmet (Giro Hex), but it really isn't so easy :?

The best idea I can come up with is a velcro-strap front and back to attach the lamp and battery pack (still attached to the headband. Problem is that I don't have any velcro straps long enough :(

Has anyone any bright ideas for affixing it to the helmet, or a source of velcro straps around 5" long?


  • Sir HCSir HC Posts: 20,148
    Get rid of the peak on the helmet for starters.





    I've used velcro patches to secure the headband, then some cable ties through the helmet vents to make sure the headband doesn;t move at all.
    Intense Socom
  • S_J_PS_J_P Posts: 908
    That look good!

    Does the peak just pull out of the slots?
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