EZ folder

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Does anyone have any experience of this "EZ-fold" 6-speed folding bike? Or any advice/suggestions for alternatives?

Friends are thinking of getting one for carrying on their boat. Its main use would probably be short trips along the towpath of the Caledonian Canal. The manufacturer is Universal.


  • rdaviesb
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    Of my friends bought one of these thinking it might be something like as good as a Dahon. Wrong!!!! Sorry, but he has seen the error of his ways and now bought the real thing.
  • pw1brown
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    Thanks for the advice. I suspected so. It IS cheap though, so hopefully if they can get a season out of it, at least it'll give them ideas what (not) to look for next time.
  • fluff.
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    Is it that much more for the bottom end Dahon though? Especially if you buy an import bike from fleabay or the like, for some reason RRPs in the UK are way more than the US/ Europe.