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anyone know the best earphones to use with my zen mp3 player as the ones i got with it keep falling out, as the black fabric covers keep falling off and i cant find anywhere to buy the covers


  • I just use the ones i git with my ipod, or you could try using 'gummie' (think thats how to spell it), they dnt have covers and fit in the ear withiut falling out and are not too expensive either!
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    I use the Sennheiser jogging phones

    Some are in ear, others over ear. I use the MX70 VC sport because the volume control is easy to find/adjust while on the move. However they do fall out from time to time, over-ear are a safer bet if thats the main issue.

    Also mine have a design flaw. The volume control has a steel cover which the magnetic earphones stick to when not in use. This is handy. However given its working environment its prone to rust.
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    I use anything that can hook around the outside of my ear - no particular brand.
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    I use these Creative EP-630, a quarter of the price of the Sennheiser CX-300 ear canal phones, and by all accounts their better.


    available in white too.
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    i use elastoplast, cut to size, a la TdF. never a problem.
    i had used the over the ear phones previously but they were a bit cumbersome.

    try the creative website www.creative.com for covers they only cost me a few pence.[
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    I use these as I found those supplied with my nano to be useless out on the bike.

    I've found the CX300's to be excellent. Only have the left plug in when on the road bike but still find the bass to be decent.

    I did get them from Amazon but didn't pay that much for them. :shock:
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    If you do go for CX300's go for a decent shop like Amazon or Play.com, there are apparently many fakes about. I was going to get them but found great reviews for the Creative's
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    I hope not when on the bike on the road..naughty naughty !!!
  • I prefer the buzz of the road - being able to hear vechiles approaching from behind is all I want to hear!
  • I use the same as cee. However don't pay the list price get onto flea bay and get em for a few qiud + delivery.
  • I have been using these with my iPod for nearly a year and they have never fallen out whilst on the move. They come with 3 different sized changeable buds. They also have an amazing sound.

    http://www.bose.co.uk/GB/en/home-entert ... &lang=null
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    Nice. I saw the Bose in-ear phones advertised on the side of a bus a good while back (before I bought the Senn's) When I got in that day I checked the price (had an inclin they'd not be cheap :lol:) but couldn't really justify £70 on ear canal phones.

    With hindsight though I don't think its a particularly daft price relative to how much I use them. Being Bose you know they're going to be quality and I use a couple of buses to get to work and hate hearing other peoples conversations.

    So five two hour commutes a week to work, any turbo time, plus most of the time I'm out riding.
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    I use Etymotic Research 6i's. They really are the business (provided you put them in your ear properly - if not the bass is non-existent).

    ER kit's used in recording studios and is very good.
  • Lagavulin,

    I have a pair of sennheiser phones that I bought to replace the god awful ones that Apple supply. They were £40 about a year ago but I can't remember the model. I thought they were OK! crystal clear but sod all bass but they would do. My friend bought a pair of the Bose in-ear phones in the US and let me hear them. I was very dissapointed that the Sennheiser ones were so poor for only £30 less by comparison. As I was in London I went to the Bose store in Regent St straight away and bought a pair. They are the best in-ear phones I have ever heard IMO and I have tried a lot. They are £69 but they are well worth it if you appreciate your music and like to feel the bass.
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    wilkies80 wrote:
    I use the same as cee. However don't pay the list price get onto flea bay and get em for a few quid + delivery.
    This is why I warned about counterfeits, not saying yours are, but there are many around, apparently, and it put me off buying them cheaply, and I didn't fancy full price either. Apparently CX-300 are the most counterfeited headphones in existence, see advice here if you are considering an ebay purchase of these.