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race trainning in essex

explosifpeteexplosifpete Posts: 1,327
edited March 2008 in XC and Enduro
Hello, I'm looking to do abit of racing this summer and i've got a couple of questions.
First off does any one know of any summer races within 100miles of essex? I know there is one at thetford but i like to have some hills.
Also anyone want a trainning buddie?


  • Where in Essex are you?
  • I live in hatfield peverel and ride in danbury mostly but i've just brought a car and would like to ride somemore places
  • muddylegsmuddylegs Posts: 485
    I am over at Langdon Hills you are more than welcome to come over here for a ride. I would like to go over to Danbury some time.
    PM me may be we could hook up.
  • bigdawgbigdawg Posts: 672
    whilst youre over langdon hills take a trip over to hadleigh castle / downs - some great hills to get you sweating... :D
    dont knock on death\'s door.....

    Ring the bell and leg it...that really pi**es him off....
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