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Rockhopper Upgrade?

nathankingnathanking Posts: 3
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I have just picked up a new Rockhopper disk Pro to replace a 9 year old Muudy Fox Alu comp and am really surprised to say that I find the Specialized slower. I wrongly assumed that a newer bike with better spec' would automatically perform better. I ride every week for about 20 - 25 miles cross country with occasional downhill but not many big hills in Oxford!

Having just been to the Ridgeway with it, it is far superior downhill but getting round and about on singletrak and climbs etc I find myself thinking my old bike.

What do you think the simplest (and cheapest) way is to speed it up? I have just swapped the tyres from bike to bike (it did have Specialized Pro Storm 26x2.00) but haven't got out yet to see what effect that has.

Any advice appreciated and apologies if this is covered already - there are so many threads and I can't find the answer yet.



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    It could be that the new bike is smoother and easier to ride/handle, making it feel its slower while actually its faster! Have you timed yourself around your loop? What did the old bike weigh?
  • tmgtmg Posts: 651
    could be lots of reasons why it feels slower, tyres will make an impact but it's weight thats the key. Is the new bike heavier? I assume you upgraded bits on the old bike so are the components on the new at the lower end of the market and therefore weigh more and don't perform at the same level. If the new rig goes down hill better sounds like it will be heavier

    If the new rig is lighter I'd suggest you look at the bike set up and see if your position on the bike is less efficient on the new ride and then change it
  • Thanks for the replies. I think I spoke too soon, this bike is GREAT!!!

    Went out with my weekly buddies this morning for a couple of hours and I realise I have been talking rubbish. Swapping the tyres did make a difference, I have no doubt the winter tyres on the front were making me work harder to push them along and I guess cycling with different people to normal really makes it impossible to compare your true performance levels. Today, it seemed to fly along. On the flat, up hills and especially down, I am WELL PLEASED. Just need to get used to the damn brakes. One touch and I was sideways before you could say look at that tw*t. Bloody good fun though!

    I do need to work out my most efficient riding setup to realise the full potential of this machine - I just hope I am up to it!

    I can only apologise if anyone reading my first question on this forum was put of getting the Rockhopper disc pro.
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