Bar tape: Is it re-usable?

xcracer Posts: 298
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I need to remove my bar tape to change the position of my gear levers.

If I take the tape off can I re-use it or does it have a sticky back, meaning that I will have to throw it away and put some new tape on?


  • redvee
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    If you do it carefully then you can re-use it.
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  • meagain
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    And the cleaner the bars when you replace it, the more likely you can use again!
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  • try warming the tape with a hairdryer as you take it off,i found it helped.
  • gkerr4
    gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    hmm - i'd say not really.

    Ive never managed to remove it in a state that it could be re-used. That said, I enjoy the feel of fresh new bar tape once or twice a year so kind of lok forward to it.

    fwiiw - my personal preference for bar tape is the rather expensive Cinelli Gel tape - but the best value (and second best tape at any price) I have found is the Easton Cork tape which is £6.99 from wiggle. Lovely quality feel to is and just a little thinner than the gel stuff which is nearly twice the price.