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Sportive summit finish

le_patronle_patron Posts: 491
Always thought it would be cool, but a little tricky logisitically. But the Dolimiti Stars this year seems to finish on the Marmolada. ... enda.shtml


  • Of course, never really counted that for some reason...or the etape.
  • ricadusricadus Posts: 2,379
    Unlike previous DolomitiStars granfondos this IS an "Étape" - the entire route of the pro stage that will take place the following day!


    And no need to book places though overpriced Official tour operators either.
  • knedlickyknedlicky Posts: 3,097
    The Trois Ballons sportive in Alsace (part of Grand Trophee series to which the Marmotte also belongs) also has a mountain top finish, Planche de Belles Filles.
    The climb up to it is not much more than a third the length of the Alpe d'Huez climb (5.5 km versus 15.5 km) but for that it's steeper (average 8.25% versus 8%, maximum 13.6% versus 12%).
    Also, by the time you reach the Belles Filles, you already have over 3500 meters climbing and 200 km already in the legs (so more km than the whole Marmotte), so it can feel pretty hard - especially if you're a late starter in the season (the Trois Ballons normally takes place between end-May/middle-June).
  • Ok, it's not of the scale of a classic European climb, but this UK sportive has a summit finish (and start). ... ent_id=123
    Why the name? Like the Hobbit I don't shave my legs
  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    The Ariegeoise has a summit finish at the Plateau de Beille in the Pyrenees.
  • at alp dhuez in 2006 etape people were just cycling down in dribs and drabs past those coming up in various states of distress ... i didn't see any problems occur other than the bodies strewn all over the hairpins vomitting, on drips etc.
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