Hi all, I have recently returned from 3 years in Australia where I developed a taste for early morning hard rides with my club. It seems that no cyclists in the UK can have a family life all rides starting at 9.00 or 9.30am. I know there are Sat and Sun rides at those sorts of times in WGC and St Albans, but I have three kids and a wife that never see me during the week and spending half of a weekend day in lycra seems to be taking the pistachio !!!

So in short, are there any interested parties in starting a chaingang in or around the Harpenden area, looking at starting about 7.00am for around 80km/50 mile rides at c32kph average (I guess 18ish mph) I'd love to hear from you.

I get out most mornings at about 5.30am for an hour or so before heading into work, always happy for a partner or 7.

Reply to the post with email address or phone numbers and I'll get in touch to sort out meeting times and locations.


  • Hi Sean
    I've pm'd you.
  • Sean...
    If you look at the local Triathlon Club (Tri Force), many of them meet for early
    morning rides at the weekend, meeting is usually The Quadrant, St Albans,
    Sandridge, Harpenden, etc.

    Details from .... www.tri-force.org Good Luck

    "The Horror....the horror"
  • Cap'n

    Many thanks for that, I'll take a look.

  • Crickett
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    Hi Sean,

    I totally understand the parent thing as have two under the age of three.

    I'm very much into MTB and go out as often as I can. I have started getting into road riding aswell with a veiw to doing some TT's at the latter part of this year.

    What I am ideally looking for is a route of about 10-15 miles, can you help me on this one?

    Kindest regards