Helmet Choice? 2D or to D

donnie murdo
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I would like to get a new helmet for road riding. I currently own a couple of Giro Xen helmets for mountain biking but would like something a bit more vented for on the road. I have two choices.

Specialized 2D in or the MET Veleno D The reason for these is that the helmet must have a visor as I am still too much of a mtber to go without and I dont like wearing glasses when riding.

I realise that there is a bit of a price difference but just wondered if anyone had any experience/opinions of either?

http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ProductDetail.a ... id=Frogoog
(not sure why Wiggle have discontinued them!?)

http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ProductDetail.a ... id=Frogoog



  • Cunobelin
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    I ride with a Specialized Decibel, the predecessor of the 2D...

    I bough this because it passes the Snell certification, which MET, Giro et al don't.

    The Specialized 2D carries the same Snell Certification, if both helmets fit and are comfortable, my advice would be to go for the additional protection offered by the 2D
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  • gkerr4
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    i have a 2D in silver - it is incredibly light - i mean, you are holding it in your hand and you can see it - but you can barely feel it!!

    to be honest though, I have only just got it - was a freebie from specialized! - and not actually worn it on the road so my 'review' isn't much good.
  • nickwill
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    Go for the one that fits best. I have a 2D because it fits me better than any other helmet.
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  • neeb
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    I have a Giro / Met / Bell shaped head - Specialized are too long and narrow. If the 2D fits, he Met probably won't (or at least not as well) and visa versa. If the fit isn't quite right, you'll probably have to go up a size to get it on and then you'll look like a mushroom. :D
  • I have a 2D and think it is fantastic. You hardly notice you have it on!