mega-cheapo trainer?

simon says
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so, need a bike to take and leave in France - bog standard, cheapo (£200ish) - but must be a triple (going up and down the luberon etc). can it be done? is the Decathlon Sport 1/2 (on sale locally) a possibility? - anything else that could be mentioned? am i dreaming?? Also if someone has a decathlon can they advise on sizing - i'm 181cm - 57cm looks about right - but it's mega compact and i am wondering if the 60cm is a possibility. thoughts/suggestions welcome for Wilier Izoard riding closed wallet here ... :D


  • morxy
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    What about this: 59cm Winter/Training Road Bike: £139.99

    I can testify these are good, solid bikes for training... alu frame, reasonably lightweight, Sora groupset with trim, great value for money. I actually own one. Recently upgraded the saddle, bars and stem, wheels, cassette.

    Only problem is it's a double. But I'm sure the guy will fit a triple for you if you ask nicely, maybe for a small extra cost. Oh, and you gotta buy pedals as it comes without them.