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Your interest in cycling is no secret, so we're inviting you to review and enjoy a novel in the works tentatively titled "rolling thunder."

The first four parts of book are online already at (links provided below) and available for your reading pleasure. They comprise almost a third of the entire story, and more parts are being posted regularly. There is nothing to purchase, and you can read now by going to:

"Rolling" becomes obvious within the first moments of the story in the unlikely event you haven’t already guessed it. "Thunder" makes sense because while it is unseen, you know it’s there and represents something powerful and potentially very dangerous. The subject of the story also fits within that description. This story travels the continents as drama unfolds against the backdrop the Tour de France, The Tour Down Under, and The Tour of California. Even if you weren't exactly a cycling nut, you're likely to find this story captivating from the start.

All we ask in return is that you take a moment to post your scathing criticisms, dismissive remarks, or, god forbid, kudos. We welcome feedback, but don’t kiss up unless you really mean it. If you think something is missing or you have a suggestion about how to make it better, or perhaps a good punchline to toss in here and there, please share. If we incorporate your idea, we’ll acknowledge your contribution while shamelessly cashing in on it.

We would also appreciate if you would take a moment and send this on to others you think might enjoy this story (especially people bored at work).

Start reading it at: ... ale-part-1

Read additional parts of the story at:

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It would help fill the hours from 8-5, so I'd give it a go
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