622-13 Rim & Tyre Choice

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Am I correct that a 622-13 rim will take a maximum tyre width of 25c?

If that is so which tyre would you go for Schwalbe Marathon Plus or GPS 4?


  • redddraggon
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    GPS 4? You mean GP4000 S? They're pretty good.

    As are Michelin Pro Race 2.
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  • JWSurrey
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    Depends what your intended purpose is.

    GP4000-S is only available in 23c at the moment, but are astoundingly grippy compared to the GP4000 in 25c. I have both, and a pair of GP4 seasons, which are Conti's wet weather tyre. IMHO, they offer much more grip than GP4000 and unnoticable increase in rolling resistance, plus are available in 25c.
    People either love or hate Contis.

    Schwalbe tyres look good and get some good reviews, however people notice that they are noticably heavier to ride.

    For smooth roads and commuting, I'd use Contis.
    If the roads are greasy - such as some of the roads round where I ride that are adjacent to farms - i.e. Mud and slurry film on the road, then I'd look for something with a tread pattern despite the argument that tread patterns decrease grip. Personally, I think this is only true if the road isn't covered in muck.

    Panaracers look pretty good, however I have no experience of these, and they don't seem to offer the Vectran "puncture belt" technology of Conti. / some others.
  • NWLondoner
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    Well my only use is for road riding in central London. An all weather tyre with excellent puncture protection is what I'm really after.

    So i guess it's either GP4 seasons or my current schwalbe M+