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Stolen Bike - Birmingham Area

kernowrob99kernowrob99 Posts: 10
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New to the forum - so hi to everyone.

Got up this morning to find my shed well and truly broken into - windows removed, padlocks cut through and 1 Cannondale Caffeine nicked!

This was depsite of a Kryptonite New York lock - which they took too - cut through the tether and took lock and bike in one!

So anyone in the area gets offered a 2007 Black Caffeine 5 with Crank Bros Candy pedals (black) its probably mine!!

- So bike details -

Cannondale Caffeine F5 SL - Black Frame
Size - Large
Frame No - Z1777BL
Stolen from a shed (as above) between 1 am and 8 am 15/02/08 in the Kings Heath area of Birmingham

Bike also had a crud catcher attached to the frame, cateye front and rear commuting lights and a cateye wireless vectra computer.
Pedals were Crank Bros Candy SL's in Black .

Rest of spec was standard (flat bars, Avid Juicy 3's etc...)
I had the bike from new (21/11/07) and it was a replacement for an f600 stolen in November 2007 - so I am well pi**ed about it.

I will obviously replace it at some point - so the next question is has anyone got an 2008 F2 and is it any good - should I try one of the lower end Rush's or what about a Scott or Specialised Stumpy?

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