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Rigida Andra Rims?

Magnus ThorMagnus Thor Posts: 239
edited February 2008 in Workshop
Has anyone here used the Rigida Andra Tungstein Carbide coated rims sold at SJS cycles? I am wondering how they perform in wet/snowy conditions and how long they are likely to last.
My current set of Mavic EX721 Ceramic rims has developed a crack in the sidewall of the rear rim, after 3 years and around 20.000km - a lot of those in very gritty, wet Icelandic winters... So, until I upgrade my bike to disk brakes (requiring a new frameset) I have to get myself a new set of tough rims. One of the problems with the ceramic rims is that in the wet their braking performance deteriorates a lot, something like 80 to 90% and in snow it's even worse.

Magnus Thor


  • acorn_useracorn_user Posts: 1,137
    Not used that rim, but have had a generally positive experience of Rigida rims (we have two bikes with Chrina, and I used to have ZAC2000 rims on another bike).
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