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I would like to buy my wife a new bike for her brithday. I ride XC and the like, but my wife mainly rides pathways/bridleways. She would like to do some XC with me.

I don't want to call her cheap :) ... but when I suggested spending 300+ on a bike, she was not impressed for the 10 times a year it would get used.

Oh yeah .. the question : can I just buy a small man's bike?

Lots of manufacturers like GT etc do good compact, small men's bikes with Disc brakes and okay forks for £300 (ish). The ladies versions are pink, look weird and seem more expensive.

What do you reckon? ... specific bike recommendations are very welcome.



  • no reason why your wife cant ride a mens bike. women specific bikes are designed to ergonomically fit a woman's body, but everyones different, so i'd suggest she sit on a few and see which feels best... if she's too stretched out, cramped, etc, she'll be uncomfortable or get back problems or something, so its worth trying first.

    a bike can be ridden for years, so £300 is a good starting price and will get a decent hardtail with components that will last longer than those which are made of cheese on £100 budget bikes. It also wont be so heavy or combersome, making it more encouraging for her than the soul destroying struggle to keep up with someone on a much better bike.
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