Raleigh Equinox Special products frame

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does anyone have experience of these frames, it is built from 531c and has Special Products Division transfers on it also 16 speed so fairly recent.
Raleigh(Suntour?) rear dropouts, it is very well made and has NO rear chain stay brace.
It has a couple of problems, gear dropout bent a bit but not badly, one top tube brake cable guide has been knocked in to the top tube probably by the handlebar? the seat post may be stuck...in short is it worth doing anything with
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    Depends what it costs and what you want from it I guess! If free/cheap I then take it in steps - cheapest easiest first and then you can cut your losses if necessary. First the mech hanger (assuming yiou want gears). Then the seat post. Then check structural condition. Can do without cable guide.

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