Rear derailleur problem.

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Hum seem to have produced a little problem on my bike.

When the chain is on the highest cassett point closest to the spokes of my rear wheel, i notice the rear derailleur slightly brushing against the spokes thus making a perquilleur sound.

Anyone know how to adjust this? The cassette is a 9 speed.



  • willbevan
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    check out here:

    Basically you will need to adjust one of the limit stops, if you read that article it gives you the info how to adjust it, small extract from the article:
    # Low-gear limit stop.
    The low gear limit stop (usually marked by the letter "L") stops the derailer from shifting past the largest sprocket and throwing the chain into the spokes. If it is too loose, the derailer can overshift into the spokes, with disastrous results. If it is too tight, it will be difficult or impossible to shift down to the largest rear sprocket.

    hope that helps

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